5 Souvenirs You Absolutely Must Get From Vegas

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Or, so they say, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. If you have recently traveled in an RV rental, you know just how captivating and exciting this city really is.

If you’re planning to visit soon, you probably have a lot of friends and family back home just waiting to hear about your adventure. What better way to share your experience with them than to bring back souvenirs? Or, if you want to keep this special time to yourself, why not remember the good times with Las Vegas souvenirs.

Of course, shopping around for trinkets can be a bit of headache, especially if you’re running low on time to look for them. But, don’t stress! The following items are some ideas of must-have souvenirs from Vegas that are sure to be a hit for your loved ones back home:

  • Anything poker chip related: What is one of the number one things that people do in Las Vegas? Most visitors play poker. So, if you have tried your luck at a game and want to walk a way a winner, whether or not you’ve won, take a poker chip souvenir with you back home. Some casinos have special, customizable poker chips or even gold coins with unique engravings.
  • A customized Elvis costume: You have to be a bold individual to become an Elvis impersonator, but whether you’re simply a clown at heart or you want to gift one to a friend, an Elvis costume has got to be one of the best souvenirs that you bring back from your trip in an RV rental Las Vegas.
  • A “Welcome to Las Vegas” magnet for your fridge: If you don’t have much space in your bag for a large souvenir, don’t fret. A Welcome to Las Vegas trinket is an ideal gift for a loved one. Even a magnet for their fridge will show them that you were thinking about them as you “gambled away your millions.” Whether you bring a keychain, magnet, or shot glass, anything with the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign is sure to be a hit. Some people don’t care for these things, but then again, some people have their fridges covered in trinkets from all over the world. In the end, the Vegas sign is one of America’s most iconic, along with the Hollywood sign and one worth remembering.
  • A coffee mug: This one is a must for the coffee drinkers. Whether you collect coffee mugs, or you have a friend that has one from all over, a coffee mug with some quip from Las Vegas or even just the name is a way to remember an unforgettable experience. Plus, it will help you never run out of coffee mugs, which every coffee drinker knows would be a nightmare. Just make sure that the recipient for the coffee mug is in fact a coffee drinker (or at least a tea lover) or your souvenir gift could fall a bit flat. If you want to get creative, try to find coffee mugs with iconic movie lines about Vegas or ones with original designs.
  • A used yellow light bulb from the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign: If you really want to go all out in your souvenir giving, why not buy a light bulb from the Welcome to Las Vegas sign. Whether you’re a crafty person who wants to turn it into some kind of creative décor or you know someone who would love it, it’s an original souvenir that goes beyond your simple “I love Las Vegas” T-shirt. By the way, the light bulb even comes with a certificate proving that it was used on the sign and when it was used. So, if you know someone who “nerds” out on history and iconic destinations, the light bulb will be a great gift for them.

Souvenirs are a fun way to remember a place. Whether you collect them from yourself from the cities that you visit, or you like to bring them back for friends, they can be a way great way of keeping track of your travels. While you’ll want to make sure to choose wisely for your friends and loved ones, you can be sure that they’ll appreciate the thought and gesture.

If you are planning on traveling in an RV rental Las Vegas, don’t forget to include a shopping list for souvenirs. You’re bound to have a good time and you’ll be sure to want to remember it. Many things should stay in Vegas, except for those gifts and souvenirs that will make you or others happy. They don’t take up much space, they don’t cost much, and they’ll always remind you of one of the best trips of your life.