5 Tips to Help Plan a Trip to the Australian Outback

Do you want to explore the Australian outback? With vast open spaces that stretch across the horizon, it is a massive area that offers up a lot of opportunity for would-be adventurers to experience the natural beauty of Australia.

Of course being a remote and huge region, the outback can be challenging and if you want to explore it you’ll need to plan your trip in advance. In particular, these five tips should help you to get off to the right start:

  • Figure out how you’re going to get around

There are many ways to get around the Australian outback with two of the most popular being renting a 4WD or campervan. Alternatively you could take the train or bus – which will be cheaper, but slower.

  • Find accommodation for your trip

Most trips into the outback tend to be days long, so you’re going to need accommodation. While camping is an option, there are also cabins, motels, and other choices that you could look into.

  • Be prepared to be flexible with your itinerary

Nothing about the outback is predictable, and you could run into a variety of delays ranging from flash floods to road closures. As such you should make sure your itinerary is flexible enough that you can afford to be delayed for a day or two at times.

  • Always carry enough water

Of all the supplies that you will want to take with you on a trip to the outback, water is definitely top of the list. It is advised that you drink 4 to 5 liters of water per day on the outback, and should carry several days’ worth of supply at any given time.

  • Pack for hot, wet, and cold weather

Although the outback heat is scorching during the day, it drops sharply at night – so you will want to pack for both. It may also get wet and muddy when it rains, so prepare for that too.

As you can see planning a trip to the outback is nothing to sniff at – but aside from that there are other practical concerns you should take into account when traveling to Australia. Be sure to check in advance whether you need an Australia ETA visa or eVisitor visa, and look into the city that you’re going to fly into before you embark on your trip into the vast outback.