A Chilean Scholar Guide to Learning in Australia

When it comes to education, Australia is the third most popular destination for international scholars after the UK and US. The reason for this is that Australia offers world class academic credentials and has seven of its universities among the top 100 institutions globally. It is no surprise that approximately over 2.5 million former international students from Australia have made some ground-breaking work in their respective nations. There are 15 Nobel Prize laureates produced from Australia and not forgetting the many discoveries such as IVF, Wi-Fi, cervical cancer vaccine and penicillin among others made possible because of the Australian Education.

A student in Chile is also eligible to apply for an opportunity to study in Australia. Moreover, the Australian government in collaboration with the Chilean counterpart has established the Bicentennial Fund Scholarship to facilitate Chilean students study in Australian colleges. The memorandum of Understanding between the two nations was signed in 2008. This agreement makes it easier for students in Chile to study in Australia. Below are the guidelines that must be met for a Chile citizen to travel and study in Australia.

  1. Application to the University of Choice 

The first step involves applying to the University of your Choice to get the acceptance letter which is a requirement before you can apply for the student visa.

  1. Type of student visa

After getting your acceptance letter from the Australian College, you must know that there are several forms of visa depending on the course and level of study you want to pursue. These include four main types including subclass 573, subclass574, subclass 575 and subclass 570.

  1. Application of student visa

During your application of a student visa, you require several documents for a successful application. These include a duly completed application form, an original and copy of your passport, letter of acceptance from the Australian University, criminal record verification form, financial requirements to prove that you can cover your tuition, travel and upkeep expenses, English proficiency requirements and health requirements.

  1. Working in Australia as a Chile Citizen

The beauty of having a student visa is that you can travel three months in advance before your course begins. However, you must notify your university of your residential location, and in case it changes you must update them within seven days. An Australian student visa allows its holder to work and earn a living in the country although you cannot begin working before your course has commenced. After the onset of your course then you can work up to 40 hours a fortnight on part time basis while on semester and full-time when during holidays.

Please note that several obligations must be fulfilled while in possession of a student visa. These include regular attendance of classes, must remain registered in the particular course, meet satisfactory course requirements, and maintain OSHC health insurance.