Bangalore to Coorg on Two Wheels

The 250 km stretch from Bangalore to Coorg is on every biker’s wish list, and if it isn’t, then it should be. Filled to the brim with lush green trees on your peripherals and a well maintained road ahead, the journey to the so called Scotland of India is what it’s all about and is just as beautiful as the destination, if not more so. It’s a wonderful stretch which is best enjoyed on a two wheeler, hence this stretch of road is one of the most sought after destinations for riding enthusiasts.

The route holds quite a few tourist attractions on the way to your destination. Right from the acclaimed City of Toys Channapatna, to the ever-historic Srirangapatna, it is also a cultural overdose for the traveller that chooses to stop by on the way to Coorg to visit these amazingly culture-intense cities and sites. A little detour and you end up visiting Mysore, which is better than getting lost and could be a good option (or accident!) for those who have enough time on their hands. If you’re on a schedule however, then the path requires you to press the peddle to the metal and cruise through. A pit stop at a road side tapri, for a hot cuppa just makes it all that better!

Reaching Coorg, first timers will find that it is slightly cooler than Bangalore, and the wonderful city tends to stay that way almost throughout the year. The charm this place holds in the monsoon season is relatively different however and the tested and known best time to visit Coorg would be between the months of October and March. Every view from this heavenly destination, will make you go “ooohhh” no matter how cool you try to act.  That is the extent of the beauty of this place. Soul-calming green trees, breath-taking fresh air, and a climate so cool it makes you think it wears sunglasses at night! Today, Coorg is counted amongst one of the best tourist locations for a weekend getaway for city dwellers in Bangalore and Mysore and for all the right reasons.

Bike rides are what is recommended to actually enjoy the trip to its full potential, and bike rental companies like just make it easier for those who don’t actually own one, to rent a bike from Bangalore and head on out, leaving your worries behind. Amazing homestays amidst pure nature, away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and the journey to these kick-ass places help you connect with your bike and your soul in ways you may have never thought possible.