Do Your Homework before Booking a Villa in Bali

Bali is an island paradise in the Indonesian archipelago where you can soak up the sun on one of its sandy beaches or be one with nature as you explore coral ridges of a sunken WWII warship, or pay respect in one of those stone temples that sit in the heart of a lush jungle where hyperactive monkeys reside. There are lots of amazing things about Bali, and the more you get to know about the place through an online search, the more excited you are for your planned trip to this beautiful Indonesian island.

Before booking a trip, you also have to consider your accommodation options. Experience true and quality Bali hospitality by booking a villa that is worth every penny. Be guided with these helpful tips.

  1. Find a reputable real estate agent.

Look out for authentic and reputable real estate agents. Do not simply deal with someone who just says that they have a superb villa or apartment for rent that is perfect for you. In other words, do your homework to make sure that you are dealing with an agent who is authorised to rent out the property. Do not forget to ask for a full rental contract. Get a lease or tenancy contract.

  1. Get a travel insurance.

Travelling is always unpredictable. If you have booked a villa, travel insurance would always be a great help for you. However, you would have to prove to the insurance agency that the villa was securely locked and any small expensive items would need to be stored in the safe.

  1. Live in a Bali hotel for a few days before getting into the villa.

It is recommended to stay in a Bali hotel for a few days before negotiating a deal with the broker to get the villa. This is done so that you can check if the villa really exists before making any payment. Once you have checked everything is fine, you can finally negotiate the rental deal.

  1. Take the help of a reputable online accommodation company.

If you are booking a villa through a travel agent and things go south, you will not have any assurance of the quality of the villa you have booked. While many platforms have zero quality assurance, booking through a good online accommodation company is more secure and will give you the best accommodation that you deserve. So, look out for trusted online accommodation companies. And once you have found one, book for one of those Seminyak villas now!

Bali is a living postcard. It is a paradise everyone will surely love, especially with the right accommodation. Everyone should get to experience its beauty at least once in a lifetime. So, after having booked a ticket to this island and having chosen your villa with the above tips in mind, grab your bags and camera, and go for that ultimate holiday gorgeous Bali can provide. A vacation to this place will surely result in memories worth keeping.