Experience the Beach Life in St. Martin

People from all over the world come to St. Martin to visit its beaches. If you rent the St. Martin Villas you can experience beach life to the fullest, especially if you rent a beachfront villa.

Here are some tourist-favorite beaches on St. Martin:

  • Orient Beach

This beach is protected by a coral reef, so you can swim and snorkel here with ease. You can also find plenty of food, entertainment, and shopping sites on Orient’s white sand beach. This beach is also popular among nature lovers and adventurous travelers.

  • Baie Rouge

Baie Rouge gets its name from its reddish sands. A rock formation flanks the sides of the beach, and most of the villas in the area sit on top of the bluff. Swimming and snorkeling are popular, and there are a few local stands that offer refreshments.

  • Grand Case Beach

This beach is frequented by townsfolk, visitors, and families. Grand Case is the culinary hotspot of St. Martin, so don’t be surprised if you see kiosks selling barbecue, lobster, and local rum. The sunset on this beach stunning, don’t miss it!

  • Ilet Pinel

Ilet Pinel is so secluded that it can only be reached by boat. When you get there, you’ll be greeted by a large sand spit, a cluster of coconut palms, and a small hill that leads down to the sea. There are no cars or roads, just beach bars and calm waves.

  • Cupecoy Beach

This beach bridges the border between St. Martin’s French and Dutch sides. Sandstone cliffs and ocean-carved caves make Cupecoy a popular tourist attraction. The stunning white and blue water will draw you in, and there are plenty of locals selling food and water if the tide is too rough.

  • Dawn Beach

This beach is famous for its spectacular sunrises, clear waters, and strong waves. This beach is located in the southern part of St. Maarten, and travelers recommend visiting in the morning. The dawn beach is famous for two things. The first one is the clear blue waters it has which makes it perfect for swimming. The second one is the perfect sunrise view that one can get during the morning. Moreover, the name dawn beach is also coined from the breathtaking sunrise view that the beach offers.

  • Mullet Bay Beach

This busy beach is marked by stately palms, vibrant sunsets, and white sands. The waters are calm and great for swimming. Its most crowded on the weekends, so visit during the week to avoid crowds. There are several vendors who rent chairs and umbrellas and sell refreshments.

  • Friar’s Bay Beach

This is a family-friendly beach located on St. Martin’s northwestern coast. Your kids can spend an excellent time here due to its gentle swimmable waves, as it makes it easy for a kid to swim. This beach’s clear waters and white sand make it is a must-visit for any tourist, and its home to two of the island’s most famous restaurants: the Friar’s Bay Beach Café and Kali’s Beach Bar.