List of Reliable Campervan Rental Agencies

New Zealand being a small country with so much variety makes it a perfect road trip destination. Sydney with a population of about 5 million is one of the biggest cities in Australia and is the most popular tourist destination. Hiring a campervan gives your dream the shape of reality as it gives the backpackers like you ultimate freedom of transportation. Definitely renting a campervan proves to be worthy only when you are travelling in a group as the cost gets divided. You will come across the maximum number of camper van rental branches in this city.

Hiring campervans

If you are waiting to experience the outstanding natural beauty and culture of the capital of New South Wales, Sydney then you should look for agencies that let out camper vans on rent. On doing sufficient research on the internet you will come across several websites that includes a plethora of campervan hire agencies. Few reputed agencies that you will come across are:

  • Kangaroo CampervansIt started in 1998 and generally lets out old vehicle models. The company basically targets the budget market. You will get a good range of choice if you hire from here. They have multiple depots.
  • Bear Rentals –Letting out Range Rover vehicles is considered as something unique in Australia. Bear Rentals offers you camper vans of this exclusive brand on rent. Their vehicles have good interiors and are definitely a value for money. They have only two depots and minimum number of vehicles. You get to experience some of the adventurous trips with these campervans.
  • Real Value Campervans Australia – This company offer you some of the cheapest Australian campervan on hire. They have multiple depots and they offer you best quality vehicles by hiring it from some third party. They offer you new models usually that are usually 3 to 5 years old.

Explore every bit of Australia

If you are on a holiday in a country like Australia that has such warm scenic beauty, you should try and explore to the maximum. Just let yourself free to dig in the forests, explore the beaches, capture the pictures of the gorgeous sunrise and what not. The best way to utilize every minute of your trip is by hiring a camper van. So, just plan a trip with your family or friends, book a campervan from any of the reliable and renowned agents at the lowest possible price and start your adventurous trip on this home on wheels where you get to enjoy every little facility that you get at home.

The booking tips

It is always recommended that you book early to avail the best price during campervan hire. If you book in advance you can avail lower rates. The rentals prices go up during school holidays and festivals like Easters, Christmas etc. and finding vehicles also becomes tough. Campervan rentals charge on the basis of calendar days and their minimum rental period is normally 5 days. If you go for one-way rental then usually the minimum rental days is extended to 7 days. So, it is always advisable to plan your trip well before hand and save on the rental cost.