Tour of a Lifetime in Doha Now

Tour of a Lifetime in Doha Now

Roaring motors, huge sandy roads and deep tracks of tires in the dunes. Safari in the desert is a popular excursion among the guests of Doha. Races on dazzling hot sand on jeeps or skiing on sand dunes – everything is possible in Doha. When it comes to the doha desert safari then you can be sure that there are certain options and services about which you will need to have a proper deals. This is an important part of the whole journey as you will know how you will articulate the entire process with the same.

Since the day to skate in the desert in Doha is very hot, most prefer to go on a safari in the evening. From the city center to this desert, where the whole adventure begins, you can drive in just 45 minutes. During the private tour, your guide will tell you how you need to drive over the dunes of sands, and anyone who has a driver’s license can try to drive the jeep by themselves. At the desert safari tour qatar this is a very common matter and so the traveler should be prepared for the same now. Surely all the arrangements for the same can be had in this matter now.

Skiing in the desert

Safari in the desert in jeeps can be compared to riding a roller coaster in a car with a bumper. During races on the sand dunes with speed, powerful SUVs take off to the steepest dunes is such angles that it seems as if they will turn over now. If you prefer a further relaxed safari, then you can enjoy camel riding. Try skiing in the desert or visit the Bedouin village. For the desert safari doha overnight this is a major attraction also. So you can opt for the same and come up with the proper results.

Moon over dunes

Night tour of the desert

Complete an exciting desert safari with a luxurious barbecue with live music, hookah and, of course, belly dancing. You can spend the night in the desert. To lie under the open sky, studded with stars, – what can compare with this? This is also part of the qatar desert safari packages and that is the reason that you can have the best options for the same now.

Do not be afraid of it, in Doha it is gorgeous. Yes, you will be constantly driven by a taxi, but the trip goes tens of times more expensively, we used it in exceptional cases. But, at once I will tell, the taxi too pleases, goes on the counter so it is not necessary to bargain. And no one will try to deceive you.  Now that the desert safari qatar price is quite low, you will not face any problem in the whole tour at all. Budget will not be a constrain in this case.

The Subway is also an awesome option for transportation – it’s excellent. Suitable for all purposes of tourists, inexpensive, clean, understandable and safe.

  • Payment system: red card – one-time trip;
  • blue – reusable (but more suitable for locals);
  • silver – reusable. Ideal for tourists. Constantly replenish the account and travel. You can replenish both through the operator and through the machine. The fare is from 1.8 dp to 5.8 dx (when you cross almost all of Doha). The price varies depending on the zone (pictures of the zones can be seen in the metro itself). We did not bother much with this, after each trip on the way out, when you apply the card the system will show you how much it cost the trip to one side and how much money was left on the card. You can estimate for yourself whether you need to add money for the return journey.
  • The only thing: on a card it is impossible to put less than 5 dirham.