4 Surprising and Underestimated Hotel Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know About

When it comes to staying in a hotel near a zoo, you might come up with a number of questions like would it be valid to tip the housekeeping? Do you want to have continental breakfast every day? Why are a few hotels expensive than others? These questions will never be answered by the hotel staff themselves. So, fret not! We have compiled a list of lesser known tips and tricks everyone should follow when staying in a hotel.

  1. The hotel stars mean nothing

When you see a five star hotel, you immediately presume that it is the best one in town and the fanciest one as well. This can hold true in many cases, but stars don’t determine the quality of your hotel stay. All stars denote the number of amenities available like room size, Wi-Fi, pool, gym etc. So, if you are staying in a five star hotel, know that it might be one star when it comes to services, rooms, and food.

  1. Don’t settle for continental if you don’t want

You might think that continental breakfast in something fancy. But in reality, it is just the stale pastries and apples that look so fake. So, if you don’t want continental breakfast as a part of your package, you can negotiate yourself a better deal. In this way you can have your favorite breakfast with ease.

  1. Ask for a corner room

If you get claustrophobic in small hotel rooms, then feel free to upgrade for a bigger room. If not in your budget, ask for a corner room because these rooms often get more spaces. And if you are going with the former, then wait till no other guests are around to increase your chances to get a bigger room. If you want a hotel room which has a view of a zoo, contact hôtel zoo Granby today !

  1. If you want a king sized bed, specify in advance

Even though you have reserved your king sized bed several months ago, you still cannot guarantee if this bed is available even on the day of your arrival to the hotel. Ensure to call and confirm in advance if the bed you requested is still available, then call again on the day you are about to arrive to the hotel. This way you can keep the hotel staff notified and increase your chances of getting the bed you want.