5 Countries To Have A Great Christmas And New Year’s Eve

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are both celebrated in various ways depending on the different countries traditional culture. Since the 20th century, these festivals have become the largest annual celebrations, and they take in the form that we still recognize even today.

Christmas is generally the Christian celebration because of the birth of Jesus making the festival to have ambiguous non-religious resonances and complex origins. However, if you want to visit a country of choice with Opodo for your Christmas and New Year’s Eve, here are the way different countries and how they celebrate their festive:


The traditions of Finland’s Christmas celebrations include Christmas mass for Catholics where you visit Finnish sauna – Santa Claus that they call Joulupukki. Typically, the people visit different houses as they give presents and especially to those who are good.

New Year’s Eve, on the other hand, the people celebrate with sparkling wine and champagne for their traditional drinks and cook their favorite foods such as wieners and potato salad. Moreover, they finish with many fireworks that they display in the country.


Christmas and New Year’s celebrations in Australia are no different with a time of optimism. The whole country travel with https://www.opodo-deals.com   to engage in enthusiastic celebrations of the festive.  The traditions and customs hold the celebratory core.

In Australia, these festive are public holiday and people together with friends come out of houses to be part of celebrations made at social parties, bars, hotels, clubs, discotheques and beautiful beaches for the purpose. However, during the New Year’s holidays, they continue for the first six days and make the country receive high visitors through Opodo around the New Year’s time.


In Spanish, they celebrate their Christmas Eve with Christmas meal, but for children, they will wait until its Three Kings Day for their gifts. The Christmas Day in Spain is a family day traditionally, and a couple spends the Christmas Eve with one side parent and the other on Christmas Day.

However, the Spanish celebrate their New Year’s Eve traditionally expecting to have good luck by eating 12 grapes at midnight. The New day becomes a national holiday and time for most people to visit their families and wish them Happy New Year (Feliz Año Nuevo ).


Canada is not different from other countries because they have an off work day during Christmas and New Year. During Christmas, most will spend their time with close friend or relatives. During the Christmas day, it’s always customary for Canadian’s to exchange gifts, attend special church service and enjoy a special festive meal.

However, New Year is the first day in Georgian Calendar and Canada celebrating this day. They observe it as a legitimate holiday. If it falls on a weekend, next week’s day substitutes public holiday. It’s a vital time for Canadian people where there are grand preparations take place by organizing much more beautiful celebration events.

In this nation, people celebrate the festive season in different ways. During Christmas, they travel on Opodo to combine with their customs from the pre-Christian winter celebrations. Most people will decorate their homes, visit their friends and family to exchange gifts. During the day or weeks before the special day, various people will decorate their gardens and homes with Christmas trees, lights and much more. However, they will cook special meals that consist of turkey and other festive foods.

On the other hand, Americans will also celebrate their New Year’s Eve like other countries on the last day of the year as they let go of the past and they latch the future. Many celebrate by counting seconds and popping champagne.