7 Essential Things You Need In Your Travel Kit

Planning your next trip to the mountains? Want to head to the beach this summer? Apart from booking your flights and hotels, you need to keep time for packing. While your clothes and accessories are important, you also need a complete travel kit that includes everything, right from an antiseptic lotion to travel size face wipes.

Below are the 7 things you must have in your travel kit.

  • You never know the weather, but a sunscreen is one of the essential items that must be a part of your toiletry bag. Go for a broad-spectrum sunscreen, something that protects against all types of sunrays. Select a brand that offers SPF PA+++ protection of 50 or more.
  • Hand sanitizer. As a traveler, you won’t always dine in the best restaurants or have the best cars at disposal. A hand sanitizer is the best thing for those who don’t mind eating from the smaller eateries or have border-level OCD.

  • Toilet-seat sanitizer. Often also called the pee sanitizer, this is one of those things that ensures hygiene when you are not in control of the surroundings. Keep one handy, so that you can use the public toilets and washrooms, without being worried about infections.
  • Moisturizer. Even when you don’t have all those makeup essentials, a good skin moisturizer can keep you glowing in your travel photos. Pick an organic moisturizer that doesn’t have parabens and chemicals, and if possible, do keep two options for dry and humid weather.
  • Face wipes. As mentioned earlier, you need to have travel face wipes in your bag at all times. On days or occasions when you cannot get access to clean water, you can use wipes to clean the face, after which you can use skincare and makeup products.

  • Toner. A toner is not a replacement for your face wash, but it can work well without water. You can keep a small travel-size bottle handy at all times, so that the pores can be cleaned even with a facial wipe or cotton.
  • Basic makeup. When you are traveling, you don’t need a lot of makeup. Keep a concealer, mascara and a highlighter, and you are good to go. Also, you can go for tinted creams that work like a foundation to offer minimal coverage. Not to forget, keep a lip balm in your pocket always.

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