Have a really special wedding anniversary

It does not matter if it is the first or the tenth anniversary. If you want to give special meaning to your wedding anniversary you have to find a special way to celebrate with your partner. Besides, anniversary is a great opportunity to remember one of the most beautiful days of your common life as a couple and to evaluate your relationship. We present you proposals for your anniversary, in the hope that … your other half will appreciate it.

Like the first time

Have an appointment as if it were the first time. Instead of going to eat in a restaurant, choose a place where you once had a good time – if not the first – on your first appointment. An important role will be played by the atmosphere in which the appointment will take place. Instead of simply arranging it as part of a routine, you can send messages or emails and have long conversations on the phone just like you did in the first place.

Express yourself

Do you remember the early years that you expected how and how your anniversary to say “I love you” or to express your feelings? You can do the same now. Talk about your feelings, about what you appreciate in the other, but also what troubles you. Make it look like a toy. Take pencil and paper and write both five “good” and five “bad” attributes, for each other. What is what you admire in your spouse? What are your partner’s characteristics that make you proud and what do you consider irritating? Be careful not to clutter.

Planning about the future

Making plans for the future is something that brings you closer: In this way you show each other that you want and in the future to be together, to do these things together. Make a list of things you want to do in the years to come. If you can afford it, you can take a second honeymoon. A short and timely scheduled excursion renews the relationship. You can let your kids stay with their grandparents and go for a trip, just the two of you. You can consider of visiting one of the greatest Bali honeymoon resorts in Indonesia and feel like you just got married.

Let’s remember the old times

Listening to your old favorite songs is the right way to not only remembrance but also to live your first times as couple again. Wear your fancy clothes, listen to the first song that was playing at your wedding and dance with your partner. If, indeed, you attended choreography classes to impress the guests, this is a great opportunity to recall the steps. You can also watch your wedding video. A blast from the past will make you remember all of your great times.

Dinner at home

If you do not want or cannot go out, prepare a dinner at home together. Make dishes with your favorite flavors, but do not put your table where you always eat. Choose a new location. If you have a gift for your mate, you can also put it on the table.

A gift of love

Many couples stop exchanging anniversary gifts. After a few years of marriage, however, a gift is something that will be of special value to your mate. Do not choose a sweater or tie. Choose a gift that has emotional value and it is considered as the proper one.

Creating memories

There are a lot of times that you took photos even at your most unforgettable moments. Now you look at them and wonder why you stopped it. Take pictures of your anniversary, not for your Facebook page but make a common album that you will eventually show to your children and grandchildren.