So, You Want to Hire a Travel Van? Read This First!

Before you consider hiring a travel van for your vacation, it may be a good idea to think about how the vehicle is going to be used. For short trips, a conversion or mini RV for rent, is the best solution, or for those out there who enjoy lots of time spent outdoors, and for smaller groups or families.

In terms of size and comfort Class C, camper rentals are an upgrade, and since they have a conventional van cab, they feel that much easier to drive. For Those of you with larger families and going on long trips, a class A travel van provides interior space with extra entertainment options in case of bad weather.

For the Smaller Group of People

The smallest and the cheapest to rent are the Class B small RV rentals. For most people, these conversion vans are the easiest to drive because of their size and similarity to a regular van.

This smaller type of vehicle is not really recommended for larger groups and families, and they will have difficulty fitting in and enjoying them due to the lack of available sleeping space, which would make the use of tests necessary.

And the Larger

Indeed, for larger groups and longer trips, think about a class C or A travel van. Class C travel vans are built upon an extended truck or van frame and will often have more sleeping room than a class A due to it having a cab-over bunk. The van cab style of a class C travel van can be more comfortable for people who are familiar with driving such vehicles.

More Features Which You Should Consider

After choosing your travel van and decided on renting a small RV, there are some other factors to consider. The sizes of the fresh and waste water tanks have to be thought over. Larger groups will naturally need larger tanks, which might affect the decision-making process when hiring a travel van. Other factors to consider are the seating arrangements, sleeping space, and if the unit has a generator or inverter.

If this is your first time at hiring a mini camper rental, try choosing a couple of potential units. It may also be a good idea to select at least one class C and class A to take out for a ride. A test drive will be very helpful in helping to decide which type of travel van you will feel more comfortable driving. Insurance!

  • A decent, reputable rental company will let you know everything about insurance and what’s the best in your situation.

Just Enjoy Yourselves!

It won’t take long before you see why travel vans are such a popular way to travel in the USA. You have a great journey and drive safely!